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Susan Hash is the Editor of Contact Center Pipeline magazine and the Pipeline blog. She is a veteran business journalist with 25 years of specialized experience writing about customer care and contact centers.
Rethinking Contact Center Metrics

Rethinking Contact Center Metrics: The Problem with Averages

While the contact center environment has evolved a great deal over the past decades, some metrics have not. Many centers focus on metrics that...
Create a Branded Customer Service Experience in Your Call Center

Create a Branded Service Experience

Companies spend millions each year on marketing and advertising to distinguish their products from their competitors. Yet after spending their time and resources to...

Inside View: VF Imagewear

Whether you’re in a restaurant, hotel, on a factory floor or dealing with local law enforcement or emergency services professionals, employees’ work uniforms influence...
Evolving from multi- to omnichannel call centers

Top Challenges When Evolving from Multi- to Omnichannel

While many organizations are currently providing multichannel customer service, few as yet have evolved their strategy and systems to deliver a true omnichannel customer...

From Customer Experience to Customer Engagement

Greetings from Engage 2015, The Verint Systems Global Customer Conference, in Las Vegas (June 8th-11th)! The event got off to a great start Monday...
Gamification Four Best Practices to Motivate Call Center Agents

Gamification: 4 Best Practices to Motivate Agents

A growing number of companies are using gamification in the contact center to motivate agents to improve their performance and skills. “We’re finding that...
Empower Frontline Staff with QM Tools

Empower Frontline Staff with QM Tools

How are leading-edge contact centers transforming their quality management tools to empower agents? Calabrio Innovation Center Manager Brad Snedeker identified the following four key...
Provide Call Center Staff Training in Customer Privacy Practices

Provide Staff Training in Customer Privacy Practices

With customer loyalty and profitability at stake, it’s important to have sound policies in place for managing and safeguarding customer information. Make sure that...
Getting Top Level Support

Getting Top-Level Support

How do you dispel the cost center image and focus your top-level executives' attention on the value that great service provides? That has been...
the mobile experience convenience

The Mobile Experience 
Is About Convenience

Consumers are starting to spend almost as much time using their smartphones and tablets as they spend watching television (127 minutes per day vs....
Home Working

Home-Agent Programs: 4 Common Mistakes

While the advantages of home-agent programs are undeniable, if your model is not well-defined, you’ll likely find yourself running into a few stumbling blocks...
Contact Center Pipeline Feb 2015 Issue

Cut New-Hire Turnover with a Realistic Job Preview

In their eagerness to attract the best talent, companies often oversell the frontline contact center agent’s job during the recruiting process, which only increases...