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Jay Minnucci is the President and Founder of Service Agility, a consulting and training company dedicated to improving customer service and call center operations. In this role, he provides strategic and tactical guidance across all industries for enterprises that seek to optimize customer interactions. Prior to starting his own firm, he spent 8 years as the Vice President of Consulting for the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). Before becoming a consultant, he spent 17 years running mission-critical award winning call center operations.
High Agent Turnover

Handling a Severe Staffing Shortfall

Understaffing is a fairly common occurrence in most contact centers, but there may be times when your center experiences a severe staffing shortage. We’re...
Call Center Outsourcing Decisions

The Outsourcing Decision

Contact center outsourcing is multibillion-dollar business utilized by tens of thousands of organizations. Those numbers alone make it pretty clear just how viable this...
Contact Center Leaders Creating Actionable Knowledge

Creating Actionable Knowledge

The amount of information that contact center leaders have access to is phenomenal. We live with it every day, so we tend to take...
Video Chat for Customer Service in the Contact Center

More Video Chat Considerations

Turning on the camera in the contact center creates a substantial number of questions for management to consider. Yesterday’s post looked at some of...
Video Chat for Customer Service in the Contact Center

Video in the Contact Center

I am not one that jumps on the bandwagon every time something new comes down the pike. Given that, my take on video chat—that...
How Strong is Your Call Center Foundation

How Strong Is Your Foundation?

I am a huge proponent of teaching all of our frontline leaders about contact center management foundations—those principles that factually define our organizations. These...
Training Call Center Frontline Leaders for Customer Service

Training Frontline Leaders

There are hundreds of thousands of us working in supervisory and management positions in contact centers… and the truth is, most just sort of...
The Power of Collaboration in the Contact Call Center

The Power of Collaboration

In our centers, vast amounts of useful content and ideas exist in the minds of our agents. Collaboration is, of course, hardly a new...
Long Term Cost Management

Long-Term Cost Management

Managing expenses in a contact center is tricky business. We have to remember that the transactions we handle are done in a partnership with...

Create an Environment that Fosters Agent Engagement

As with practically all improvement activities, an engaged staff starts with the right hires. Passion is a requirement, but it needs to be driven...
The Contact Center Outbound Welcome Call

The Welcome Call

In my last post, I looked at a few Do's and Don'ts of Proactive Contacts. Not sure how to get started with proactive work?...
Proactive Do’s and Don’ts

Proactive Do’s and Don’ts

In many contact centers, proactive contacts seem to function as “filler work”—an activity that gets done when there is some down time (which, of...