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Jay Minnucci is the President and Founder of Service Agility, a consulting and training company dedicated to improving customer service and call center operations. In this role, he provides strategic and tactical guidance across all industries for enterprises that seek to optimize customer interactions. Prior to starting his own firm, he spent 8 years as the Vice President of Consulting for the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). Before becoming a consultant, he spent 17 years running mission-critical award winning call center operations.
Why Training Matters

From Transaction Processors to Knowledge Workers

Service is delivered through people. Despite all the advanced technology and Six Sigma processes that we institute in our contact centers, the frontline agent...
The Near Death of Workforce Management

The (Near) Death of WFM

If your livelihood depends on the sales or service of WFM technology, calm down. Despite the title of this article, your occupation is safe....
Call Center Empathy

Some Love for ANI

We all know Automatic Number Identification (ANI). You may recognize it better by the consumer-oriented term “caller ID.” While these two services are technically...
What, if any, value are contact centers getting from Net Promoter Score, NPS.

To NPS or Not NPS

If, by chance, you are unfamiliar with the phrase Net Promoter Score (NPS), it is a way of scoring customer loyalty based on the...
Frontline Coaches

Coaching the Coach

Our coaches occupy the most critical blocks on our organizational charts. Wedged between those who set the policies for handling customers and those who...
Surviving a contact center PR nightmare

Surviving a PR Nightmare: Tactics for the Contact Center

Every contact center should have a comprehensive recovery plan for the “typical” disaster. Whether caused by fire, flood, earthquake or other similar event, being...
cut attrition

Agent Attrition: Time for a Change

“Well, you know, it is a call center.” That phrase always seems to be uttered at some point when discussing turnover at a contact...
Lowering Agent Turnover in the Contact Center

Making the Case for Lower Turnover

In most contact centers, the executive team recognizes agent attrition as a necessary evil. They know there is some expense associated with it, but...
Getting Top Level Support

Executive Interaction on the Front Lines

Interaction with the staff is important in most any leadership position, but it is absolutely critical in a contact center. The agent’s job success...
High Agent Turnover

Handling a Severe Staffing Shortfall

Understaffing is a fairly common occurrence in most contact centers, but there may be times when your center experiences a severe staffing shortage. We’re...
Call Center Outsourcing Decisions

The Outsourcing Decision

Contact center outsourcing is multibillion-dollar business utilized by tens of thousands of organizations. Those numbers alone make it pretty clear just how viable this...
Contact Center Leaders Creating Actionable Knowledge

Creating Actionable Knowledge

The amount of information that contact center leaders have access to is phenomenal. We live with it every day, so we tend to take...