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Jay Minnucci is the President and Founder of Service Agility, a consulting and training company dedicated to improving customer service and call center operations. In this role, he provides strategic and tactical guidance across all industries for enterprises that seek to optimize customer interactions. Prior to starting his own firm, he spent 8 years as the Vice President of Consulting for the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). Before becoming a consultant, he spent 17 years running mission-critical award winning call center operations.
Next Steps in Contact Center Agent Coaching

Coaching: The Radical Next Steps

Remember when “coaching” was represented by reports shoved in front of agents with lots of red circles accompanied by motivating messages like, “Good quality,...
Prepping for Next Years Call Center Budget

Prepping for Next Year’s Budget

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is just about here, and that means warm weather, vacations and the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. For...
Speech Analytics and Quality Monitoring

Speech Analytics and Quality Monitoring

Speech analytics has received a lot of press in the past few years. Some centers have purchased it, and many more have it on...
Modeling the Top Performer in your Call Center

Top-Performer Modeling

Everybody loves Susie. Customers rave about her, her adherence rate is off the charts, her quality percentage is among the highest in the organization…...
Outbound Calling in Todays Contact Center

Outbound Calling in Today’s Contact Center

As a channel, outbound occupies a somewhat quiet place in our industry. Total volume is lower than inbound for most of us, and its...
Support for Your Customer Service Frontline Contact Center Leaders

Support for Your Frontline Leaders

You send your frontline leaders to all the requisite classes as dictated by the corporate office. You get them through the seven-part online series...
Eco Friendly Call Center Resources

Greening the Center

As an industry, we have much to offer our communities and the global world of business. Our leadership in customer service practices and technology...
Four ways to expand quality monitoring in the customer service contact center

4 Ways to Expand the Value of Quality Monitoring

I have always been a big proponent of quality monitoring (QM) programs. It’s the best process we have to determine how well agents are...
The Profession of Call Center Management Advocacy Group

The Profession of Contact Center Management

How many of you reading this chose contact center management as your career? Like many of you, I “fell” into this industry. I had just...
Why Training Matters

From Transaction Processors to Knowledge Workers

Service is delivered through people. Despite all the advanced technology and Six Sigma processes that we institute in our contact centers, the frontline agent...
The Near Death of Workforce Management

The (Near) Death of WFM

If your livelihood depends on the sales or service of WFM technology, calm down. Despite the title of this article, your occupation is safe....
Call Center Empathy

Some Love for ANI

We all know Automatic Number Identification (ANI). You may recognize it better by the consumer-oriented term “caller ID.” While these two services are technically...